IceCOLD® is cost effective, eco-friendly, proven and works every time.


Does it work? High-tech Catalyst could get your AC blowing ‘IceCOLD®’

SAN ANTONIO — With temperatures remaining in the 100 s, there s no place worse than inside a car, baking in temperatures that can climb even higher. The searing heat has kept air conditioning mechanics busy, and has others trying out a new product, designed to put the chill in the car s chiller, called […]

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ALBURQUERQUE-BICHARA Ramón Alburquerque and Ruben Bichara signed IceCOLD® agreement.

The HVAC energy efficiency catalyst, IceCOLD® is represented in the Dominican Republicby Alburquerque Renewable Energy. Ramón Alburquerque y Rubén Bichara suscriben el acuerdo. SANTO DOMINGO-The prominent PRD leader Ramón Alburquerque, signed a contract with the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies to promote the use of IceCOLD® technology to companies throughout the country. IceCOLD® delivers […]

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